My Best Landing Yet!

Background to The Photos

My best landing was -35 F/M before and for a long time. But today, I broke my record doing a -20 F/M landing!

About The Flight

I was flying an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner today on Training departing from HCMM bound for HAAB. I did this flight today at 2000Z.

The Photos

A lot of people won’t believe me if I don’t show a screenshot soooo…


There’s your proof ;)

  1. Tanking off from HCMM

  1. Extending the gear 08 nm from touchdown

  1. Touching down at -20 F/M at HAAB

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Great pictures @Infinite_Flight_Sims! And nice landing!

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Thank You!

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Great landing descent rate. Tip, focus on runway centreline (the rudder can really help).


That was a buttery landing. I guess you were trying not to hit the car on the other side of the street?