My Best KSEA Spotting Session

Hello, IFC,

Recently, I went spotting at Seattle Tacoma Int’l and got many heavies!
Here are my best photos!

Aer Lingus A330-200 (EI-DAA) Reverse Thrusting after a flight from Dublin
Boeing 717-200 touching down after flight from SFO
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 Touching Down after flight from Anchorage

American A321-200 Touching Down

Alaska Dash-8 Q400 crosswind landing

Alaska Airlines A320 touchdown

Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F Takeoff to Los Angeles

BA 747-400 From London Heathrow.

BA 747-400 From London Heathrow.

Alaska 737-800 From Anchorage

Thank You So Much!

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(Could I post picture 7 on Jetphotos?)


Do you think that photo 7 could be accepted on jetphotos or airplane pictures?

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I think the Air Lingus one is most likely to be the one that can get accepted to JetPhotos. My opinion.

Btw, did you get any inbounds from SJC

Great photos!

Cool photos 👍🏻

Just a few tips:

  • Make sure you straighten your photos so your vertical and horizontal lines are in parallel.
  • The object should be in center of the photo.
  • Not too much dead space.

Photo 7:

The lines on the wings are not straight and the photo is not sharp. Is it edited/corrected?

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It is not edited or corrected.

Ok. If you zoom in you will see this:

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Good shots, thanks for sharing.

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Where at KSEA do you take these pictures. I am going to be visiting Seattle in late April and want to take some pictures. Taking pictures through the glass in The Alaska Lounge works fine, but the photos are not their best.

The Delta Boeing 717-200 booty shot though 🙌

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Heat waves?

@Robertine is the poll for our favorite picture or for how we rate the photos on a 1-10 scale?

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Possibly if you edited it right…it also might not make the pixel requirements because you’re gonna have a big crop. Also it’s hard to see how sharp it is because it’s not zoomed in and as @Andre_S said there’s heat haze which could get you rejected.

It’s slightly too blurry IMO and JP doesn’t like cut off tails.

Pretty good overall though

The best photo :)

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