My Best in Infinite Flight

Good day all! Here are some of my best screenshots! All are unedited!

  1. KCLT-KNEW, A318-100. Was taken today on ES. My callsign was NCS002. The CRJ next to the A388 is @DeerCrusher

  2. My first post on the IFC! This was a quick flight on ES from KLAX-KSFO, CRJ200.

  3. Flight from KLAX-WSSS, A380-800 on ES 6 months ago. (I think)

  4. Flight through the Grand Canyon, In an F-14, solo mode.

  5. My personal favorite, KSQN-KNEW, ES. It was take the day the new replay feature was released. It is the C750 in the Infinite Flight 2014 livery.

  6. KSEA-KSFO, Virgin America A320. Was taken on ES.

  7. Last bust certainly not least, I took the C750 up to it’s service ceiling, FL510 in solo mode. The record is 24 minutes to FL510, but I did it in 17.

Which picture was your favorite?

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Great pictures, number 6. You say on expert but the grand canyon one is on solo? 😂 Don’t worry on how I noticed. Overall, great pictures - keep it up


My bad, I wasn’t paying attention lmao

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How can you tell?! You must have some magical super powers or something that only regulars have or something… lol

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You all may use my photos for anything, as long as you give me the image credit!

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I loved all the photos! I loved the sunset shot!

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Nice photos, this is now the lowest Grand Canyon pass I’ve seen.

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Thanks. The flight throughout the canyon was at about M.85. I almost slammed into a plateau a couple of times.

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