My BEST IF Pictures From The Past 4 Months

For the past few months, I did nearly 150 flights. Around a month ago, I also became a Grade 2! Over the past months, I was doing more flights then ever!

For around the first 2/3 of the video, I was on Casual Server (This was before I became a Grade 2). For the last 1/3 of the video, I was on Training Server. I flew a lot of the IF aircraft on this journey.Starting at around half way through the video, I started a mission of going around the world. Which I’m still working on with @anon70772274.

The Video:

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Hope you enjoyed the video!

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those are beautiful screen shots. Wish i could take shots like that.

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yeah! Most of them were taken in the breath taking South America Scenery. Also with the 4K replay mode screenshots :)

Beautiful shots!

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