My Best Flight Yet!

1) Background to the photos
With some help from @Tim_B and a volcano, I had the best flight ever!

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 0000Z, PHTO-PHKO, Cessna Citation X

3) Photos

@Tim_B had five stations operating here at PHTO, allowing for a thrilling takeoff like this one on Runway 21.

Look at the volcano in the distance…it gets better from here.

I am almost directly over the peak!

Look…it’s two stunning views in one picture!

This is the end of this awesome flight.

Touchdown at Kona!

We are parked at the gate. What a flight!

Well, guys, that’s all for tonight. Enjoy the pictures, and fly on!


Good photos!

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Nice photos. You can actually go Se Ernst volcano up close and personal. It’s a state park… or maybe a National Park

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Great photos👍👍👍

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Nice pics! Super early touchdown tho lol


Phew, I got my landmarks correct before opening :)


Great pics! PHTO is simply awesome. It is still on my top 3 since the region days :).


Was that landing regesterd because it was so erly😏