My Best Flight (yet)

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted a screenshot. But I got a change of mind recently as I was flying from Chicago O’Hare to Aspen. To be honest, it was probably my best flight yet. Managed to takeoff beautifully, it was a great flight with magnificent scenery, and I made a realistic approach into Aspens Runway 15. It was the first time I tried landing in Aspen, and I got down right on the Touchdown Zone. Usually, whenever I do a flight, something is not how I wanted it to be, but that one was just fun.

The screenshots I want to share of this flight today are from the takeoff and the landing. They represent the start and the end of a great and fun flight.

Flight Details
Date July 21st, 2019
Aircraft American Eagle CRJ 700
Route Chicago O’Hare (KORD) - Aspen (KASE)
Server Expert

That flight to Aspen was flight Nr. 47 in my realistic flight log experiment. That means, my next flight always starts where my last flight ended. Before I flew to Aspen, I arrived in Chicago from Milwaukee to where I got from Detroit, to where I got from Scranton, and so on. I always try to do realistic flights as well, wherever it’s possible. That’s why I had to fly from Milwaukee to Chicago first as there is no direct connection from Milwaukee to Aspen. It has been an exciting journey, and I’ll keep it going because it allows me to do flights I’d have never done without that system. For example, I flew from Krasnoyarsk (Russia) to Almaty (Kazachstan) and from there to St. Johns in Canada, all because I needed to get to Toronto in time for the FNF. I can only recommend it to everyone who likes realism, and to someone who’s looking for a little change from time to time. And of course: Without that system, I’d have never flown from Chicago to Aspen, and I would not have been able to enjoy that beautiful and fun approach.

I wish you all the best and many happy landings!


Very nice photos.

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Flight to KASE? Haven’t flown there before. I hope you had a great flight! Actually, this IS your “Best” Flight so.

👉 That moon picture is just stunning, as always. 🌗

This is an interesting way to fly around. Really cool! I might try doing this too. ( And Fun! ) 👍


Nice shots, it’s always a good feeling when the takeoff, approach and landing all come together!

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It really is fun. I’m currently preparing my departure from Aspen as that’s where I last landed yesterday to get to Denver.

The one and only downside is that you won’t get IFATC service that much, but what you can do is to always fly between the schedule regions, that’s what I do from time to time as well. Flew from the USA to Russia for example when the region was on the schedule the next day. And I always try to get to the FNFs on time.

All in all, it brings a nice little change to Infinite Flight. You don’t have to think about „where do I start next“. It’s more about the journey. 😊


Really nice :) like the last one. Going to grease the landing. Hope you preffer this term @Tim_B


That moon shot was amazing

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Nice! I love Aspen,
102 ASE landings and counting!
Did you do the Roaring Fork Visual, RNAV or LOC DME E? The RNAV is always a blast!


I did the RNAV approach. Want to try the Roaring Fork visual as well though. It looks challenging but fun.

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I haven’t done the visual in years, thankfully Aspen is open this weekend, might give it a shot!


The Takeoff is Nice with that Background is the Best.


All GAF pilots are required to fly with this ‘Career Mode’ strategy (for lack of a better term) when flying for GAF, and I agree it certainly adds to the excitement and realism.

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My best flight was EHAM-OMDB

Awesome! That landing picture is stunning! 😃