My best edits

Today I thought il share with you guys some of my best edits over the past few months. il do my best to give some context but some just don’t have any

Also, click on the picture to get a better resolution

Starting off with a pretty classic cockpit shot. Not much editing. On a flight from Delhi to Dubai. 10 points if you can guess the aircraft and airline

Here an Emirates 77w is taking off from Dubai. very very heavily edited, but look at that engine tho

here’s this china airline 77w taking off from Dubai. not a lot of editing but this is a little bit you can see.

Here’s an air India queen taking off from Mumbai. No flight here, I was trying to recreate a shot I got from the terminal when I used to live in Mumbai

here is the same China Airlines 77w I bet you thought this wasn’t edited but… I added one per cent to the saturation

Ok saving best for last here’s a Sri Lankan a333 on this way to Colombo. I got this perfect moment and it looks even better after editing. That black square in the conner really ruins it tho.

Hope you enjoyed it. let me know what you think


Nice edited