My best and personal favorite pictures made at Schiphol airport! (EHAM)

Here are some of my personal favorite pictures of planes I made at Schiphol airport from the past few years! Feedback on the pictures is greatly appreciated :D

number one:

KLM 787. Took this one not too long ago, November 2022. I think it looks nice cus the whole plane is blacked out by the sun. Picture was taken in front of the polderbaan.

number two:

Took this one while I was going to Sevilla back in 2018. While taxiing I took this picture which I think looks quite cool.

Number 3:

Same taxi ride as the pic above, different taxi-way.

Number 4:

Spotting session back in 2017. I just love the landing lights on this one. Its an easy A320.

Number 5:

Maybe my all time favorite. Made this while we took off to Portugal, in 2019 I think. Its not perfect, because there is movement but I still think it looks very cool from this angle.

number 6:

From a spotting session back in 2017. I thought I looked cool with the clouds and all.

I have many, many more pictures, but I think this is enough for now! I hope you guys liked the pictures :D!!


Yeah, EHAM and EGLL el classico are very nice. I love them too.🥨

Very nice. That first one and the one out of Portugal look amazing!

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Bro will go crazy to advertise the El Classico route. You have to give him credit for his ability to turn any topic into something about it.

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