My Beautiful Landing

Thank you very much! @Vinne

Thank you!!

Wow! That’s a huge compliment! Thank you very much, @Louis

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Wow! What a nice picture. You buttered the landing too!

Also, welcome to the community! You have entered a community of mature, professional, helpful pilots who will do anything to help you succeed.


Wow that was such a soft landing

Looks like a nice butter landing

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Thank you very much @anon38496261 that is very nice of you

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Thank you @Hymenopus_Coronatus

Amazing picture!

This has been brought up a few times earlier, please make sure to follow the information needed for the #screenshots-and-videos category such as Flight time, Route, etc or this will have to be closed.

Anyways, keep it up!

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Hopefully that wasn’t autoland ;)
Please remember to include the required information for the #screenshots-and-videos section. You need the server (or solo) and airport

Good pic and welcome to the infinite flight Community. It would be nice for some more information and a few more picks.

Here is some top links to get you started on IFC

How are thay the same

Nice picture/image!

This may or may not be off-topic (if yes, please PM me and I’ll remove this text from this reply), but you guys (some, not all) repeat the same thing after you post something nice like following the screenshot and video rules. Limit it to one person saying that than 3 people simultaneously. Otherwise, all I have to say.

Ok people, why is everyone quoting the rules? Five different people have referenced the rules but why? There’s no rule about having one picture, so asking for more is not needed.
The pilot put what plane it is.
The only thing that could be added was where the picture was taken.

What all are you wanting? PM me please…


This topic has so many likes. Welldone on your first post to almost have 30 likes.

Thank you very much for all the info! I’ll read up and learn some more… I’ve been an IF pilot for a few months now, but just tried out the community for the first time, and wasn’t disappointed! You all are very nice and supportive! Thanks again!



Hey guys! Thanks for all of the responses! I did, however realize some of you were disappointed with the lack of photos… so here’s some more!😁


No problem and there is many more people like me on the IFC. You will not be disappointed :D

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