My battery decreases too fast when playing the IF

Hello community, how are you?! I would like one of the IF developers to explain to me why when I go to play, the battery decreases very fast (since my cell phone is new) these days I went on a flight for an average of two hours and the battery was 100 percent when I ran out. of making the flight was fifty percent. I would like a brief explanation of why this happens and I would like to know if this also happens to you on android phones

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Depends on your settings if you got all high graphics with anti-ailising (spelling is trash soz). Infinite flight is a demanding game, what Phone do you have

So I have a Motorola Moto G9 Power (6000 battery) and the game settings are all low and AntiLasing is turned off

Is your phone updated to the latest software and have you tried hard rebooting it? Since it’s a new phone I’m sure the physical battery isn’t the actual issue but you can check its health just in case in the phone’s settings by selecting “Battery”go to the battery usage option → select “Show full device usage”. Infinite Flight is very demanding in general when it comes to battery usage and it could help to try reducing your graphic settings within the app.

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I would also recommend a 24W output charging block as it helps a lot


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