My Bad Shots @ KDAL

On my way back to my home, I was going to have to takeoff @ KDAL. So, unlike other kids who’ll sit and watch youtube, I walked around the airport. Keep in mind that the shots are very bad, and my divice was a Saming Galaxy S10. Not an acual camera.

My favorite shot here. A Southwest parked at the gate and some other SW at the Remote Stand I think it is.

We have a plene taxiing

Wing shot

A GA plene taxiing after a butter landin

And another plene taxiing

We have a little plene BLASTING out of KDAL

A Southwest taxiing to the ramp

A BUTTER landing of another SW

A SW taking off

Beautiful shot of the SW 737s

Thats all I have and I hope you enjoyed them. This is a follow up on my other #real-world-aviation at KSJC.


They look nice Good to see some shots from one of my home airports

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KDAL isn’t really known. Its DFW stealing all the traffic. Thanks though.


I wonder if Southwest flies there 🤔

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I don’t think so…

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Remember, you’ll never have a bad photo until you use an IPhone to take pictures at an aircraft 200 feet above you.

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This still better than mine.

I like the last photo by the way

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thats not bad

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