My B-Day Flight Event @ KSEA -112300ZAUG16

Server: Expert Server

Region: Seattle

Airport: KSEA

Time: 2400Z

NOTAM: Hello! This B-Day flight! Come join me as we fly my favorite plane … The 737! Come in either the 737-700, 737-700BBJ, 737-800 or 737-900! Gate assignments will be made by a regular as a wiki below! See you there!

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We regulars can’t make other peoples posts in to wikis. You can ask a mod though :)

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No, could you make the post for me :)

Sure. PM me the gates you want and I’ll do it.

All people in the PM about the flight, please check in here :)


Sorry can’t edit your title regular rules

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Okay. Are you able to make it?

It’s shows up as the day before though …

So it starts when exactly?

At 2400Z, 5:00PM PDT and 8:00PM EDT

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In an hour? I guess I can make it :)

No … In 50 hours …

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Oh Okay… Sorry! Thought it was today!

A01: @PlanesForLife
A02: @49ers_fan
A03: @Bulba
A04: @hubandspoke1
A05: @Benny87654321
@PlanesForLife which gate do you want? Are these ok? The creator asked me to make this post btw. This is also a wiki for regulars to edit.

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I would like A01 Please!

Gate A02 please


Yay! More people showed up!

@Bulba, if you want to join, you can be Gate A03.

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Okay. Thank you.