My Aviation Love Story.

Hello Community, Since I dont have any cool aviation pictures to post about my recent flight experiences, decided to share how how got into aviation. Ive always been interested in aviation since I was a little boy and at the age of 8 I started too track flights on flightaware and listen to ATC on a laptop computer i had. Than while in the 5th grade, i got the chance too take a 15 minute airplane ride in a cessna 310 courtesy of the EAA Young Eagles. After this ride,I was hooked on aviation and knew I wanted to be a pilot. Fast forward to the summer of my sophomore high school year and we called a few local flight instructors who didnt want to instruct a 14 year old kid. Finally after a few weeks, we called the Searcy Aviation who i rent now and said they had just the instructor. My instructor happened to be the director of the Arkansas department of aeronautics. I flew in a Cessna 172 to start out my training than after a few hours i switched to the Cessna 152 which still today holds a special place too me. After the double amount of recommend of hours, 40 hours PPL. I had 88 when i got my PPL. On September 30th.2016, All the hard work paid off and got my Private Pilot Certificate. Now after 220 hours, im starting on my Instrument rating and hope too inspire others to work hard and get there pilots license.


My teacher would yell at you for not having paragraphs


Yes, definitely my teacher would want me to use paragraphs.

“1 more time and it is a detention for you bud” - strict English teacher

But hey! Congrats! I haven’t been a student pilot for long, but I know that getting your PPL is very hard! If you get it, you know you are full of dedication, smartness, and passion!

Hats off!


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