My Aviation Love Story (Continued)

Aviation such a wonderful love story. Every Pilot has their own love story on how they got into it. Aviation is not a job but a passion to the people who call the sky home. Everyone says shoot for the sky, but we simple shoot higher. You can say pilots are looked upon like gods piloting those big pressurized metal tubes thirty thousand feet at four hundred miles an hour but to us its just another day in the office.

As for me, I’ve always loved aviation, from listening to ATC on my computer in middle school to taking family vacations and seeing the big birds at the commercial airports. I guess one can say I got hit with the incurable disease called aviation. This is my aviation love story.

It started on a Sunday evening with my dad’s friend in his Piper Cherokee Arrow. We took a local senic flight around the area and got to fly and feel how the controls work. After an hour in the air I told my dad I wanted flight lessons. At first both my mom and dad were skeptical about letting a 14 year old fly an aiplane but the more I begged the more reluctant they became and finally bought in. On August 10th 2014 I logged my first hour in a Cessna 172 N5194F and from that point on I knew I was hooked on aviation. Fast forward a year and a half and on March 25th 2015 I soloed N49878 a Cessna 152 at KSRC and logged my first half hour as PIC. Fast forward a few more months and I finally do my long solo cross country with my brother in two Cessna 152s N49878 and N89934.

The totally flight was 2.5 hours with a 2 hour ground delay in SRC and a 30 minute delay in KARG. After more solo lessons and a few more cross countries it was finally to take my checkride. It was a 8 am checkride and with a hour and a half hour we were ready to fly. Unfortunate, the weather had not been good to us and it stayed below flying minimums for the ckeckride. Skip forward to September 30th,2016 and it was checkride day. After doing a through preflight, I was ready to began the test. After an hour and a half in the air we finally made it back and park the plane up. After tieing and securing the plane, the DPE told me, Come see me in my office and we can get you your license. It was at this point, that i felt a sign of relief. I was finally a pilot after 3 years of hard work and dedication.
Now after over a year of flying and logging 230 hours of flight time with over 100 hours in N5194F, I cant wait too see what my future aviation career.


Well im sorry too disappoint your English teacher.


That’s seriously the first thing you think of? Not this amazing story? Man…


great story @N1DG! Hopefully my path is sort of like yours when I start flying soon. Best of luck on your future in the world of aviation aswell.

thanks. greatly appreciate the comment and feedback.


Wow, well written. Screw paragraphs lol. Yeah, it is a passion, but with it comes dedication. As a student pilot far from my PPL, enjoy your career mate! :)


Thanks I appreciate it


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