My aviation day

Well I went to HARS Air museum and yeah saw the Qantas 747-400 VH-OJA (the plane that did the longest delivery flight London to Sydney and the shortest Sydney to Wollongong) and the only flying super constellation VH-EAG and others and went to Richmond RAAF and saw the Australian water tanker carrier most photos are of my brother


Very nice mate, you must have had a good time!


Nice dude one I haven’t been to lol

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We have the same hair😆 That’s awesome!


Last time I was at a flight museum I was in a test 787-8


They ginger Ninja is my brother mine is the blond front brown back


Did I mean to put the?

Whet do you mean

What* you put they at the start of your comment

Cool you should see what the super Connie looked like in the bone yard

lol I also saw the 747 test jet

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That looked like a lot of fun! :D

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It never ceases to amazed me how Big 747s are!


The 747-400 I went on didn’t have first class because business was so good and so Qantas invented premium economy you know that

I say you had funnies there. Nice to know bud.

If you’ve ever been there you know they have the 747 ,super Connie ,f111 RAAFs old mirage and a Neptune ,vampire,3 dc-3s,Canberra bombers
And our tour guide has flown the dc-3 then the neptune then the Canberra next to the f111 and his friend took him in a ride in the mirage and the 767
WHAT A GUY!!! note the aircraft I just named are all Australian

Love the 747, glad you enjoyed.

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2 hours of driving south payed of the and hour west and hour east then back home in Sydney’s northern beaches

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That’s cool!

What I did today: Get bumped around in 15 knot winds in a light-sport aircraft.

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Great Topic, but please change the title to something that actually describes this topic, it’s currently a bit vague! Hope you had fun :)