My Aviation Collection

Hello everyone, today I would to share with you my aviation collection. I have a lot of cool stuff I’ve been collecting over the years. I do know that this is not technically real world aviation, but I’ve seen people doing things like this so I figured why not show my own. Have a great day and please enjoy:-)

A small book collection.

My “Aviation Wall” which has a lot of pictures that I’ve drawn.

My favorite, the Lego Technic Cargo Plane.

Sky Marks Delta 747-400.

Sky Marks Delta CRJ900

Daron 787

And last but not least, my brother’s Daron Delta 767.

Thanks for looking and Please tell me what your favorite one is.


Those drawing are really good there probably my favorite


Thanks, those are just a few, I probably have like 30 of them.

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That CRJ is my fav.


Lol I have the Jane’s Aircraft book too.


Haha I also have the Delta 767. I’ve also got a wall with Airliner World posters right next to my bed :)

Mine is really worn out, especially in the commercial section:-)

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I have the Dreamliner and 767 as well ;)

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My brother will be pleased:-)

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That Technic plane…awesome.

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We have moved out to Abu Dhabi oiur stuff comes on Sunday so I will post all of my aviation collections on here………but its a lot of things seriously alot plus I’m only 14

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Very very nice collection

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I like the skymarks model, they are my favourite type of models to buy

I would frame those pictures of the planes !

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Theres a Haynes manual for the 747? 😂 where can i get it! xD

Where did you get that poster? I love it!

Which one is your favorite?

It was in an Airliner World magazine - if you could get a back issue I believe it was the June 2016 issue.

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I got It at a local book store but you can get it here:

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I have the exact same lego plane like you!