My Aviation Camp! 4 Day Blog!

You may be wondering why day 2, and not day 1? Well, to sum it up, day 1 were just presentations from inside the building.

I am with a camp called Indianapolis ACE Academy in Indianapolis Indiana, and we tour ALL over other business dealing with aviation like, helicopters, cargo, charters, private, manufacturers, and MANY more! Today we visited the ATC Tower at Indianapolis International Airport, and it was spectacular! There was a bird strike on one of the runways, but luckily the air traffic controlers were on the case! I went up the the tower where I grabbed binoculars and saw a FedEx plane (A300F4), a Frontier A320, a CRJ-200, and many more! I also fought a glimpse of the new Boeing 737-8 MAX (Southwest) land. I couldn’t get any pictures of the ATC Tower, because of security protection. After the control tower, we went to the Rolls Royce (engine manufacture), and got a tour of the facility in downtown Indianapolis. Beautiful place with old engines. I do have some pictures from that place as well! The last thing we did that day was go to the Heliport in downtown Indianapolis. There we saw an IU (Indiana University) medical helicopter land for refueling. Cost of helicopter there and around: 8.5 Million dollars. 😳 It was a beautiful day, and I will review tomorrow, when I go to Republic (regional) Airlines Headquarters! As well as there training facility! Enjoy the pictures from today!


Indianapolis Airport:

Indianapolis ACE Academy:

Rolls Royce Indianapolis:

Indianapolis Heliport:

Pics (in chronological order):

image image image

Hope you enjoyed, and I can’t wait to share day 3 with you all!


Wow that camp is awesome

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Really interesting photos man! I imagine you are having the time of your life! I am really exited as well for I will be leaving this week to Daytona for the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University summer camp! I want to do something si iliar to this so stay alert for mine.

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Can’t wait to hear about it! @Avgeekproductions

Wow that must have been a really cool experience!

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It really was! Stick around for Day 3 soon! @Takeoff_Aviation

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