My autopilot is kinda broken

I just got back into the sim, I wanna be able to walk away from my phone and let it fly without having to adjust the heading, what do I do?

Edit: I have been making flight plans, that is not my problem but than you guys for being so helpful d: My problem is I remember there being some sort of nav feature that would allow you to leave the plane on autopilot and walk away without having to input a heading, that is what I need assistance with.

Edit 2: Thank you guys for your help I got it solved now (:

Hi mate,
First create a Flight Plan through the map or an external webise such as FPLtoIF and once in the air engage LNAV in your A/P tab for your plane to follow your Flightplan.

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In order to not always adjust your heading you need to do the following which is make a FPL and then engage LNAV - (Lateral Navigation)

Hope those help you out navigate the Infinite Flight world a bit easier!


You don’t even need a flight plan to use autopilot. You fly the aircraft onto the heading you want and then set HDG mode to hold it.

Or find a radio beacon (VOR or NDB) to fly towards and tune it onto the NAV1 radio, adjust the course to centre the needle pointing to the beacon, turn your aircraft onto that course, then click LNAV mode and the autopilot will hold the course towards the beacon. Make sure to set the AP mode to NAV1.

Of course if you need to fly really long distances then a GPS flight plan makes sense…in this case keep the AP mode set to GPS.

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Read the post :)

Edit: I mean yeah I guess actually you could fly direct

I was saying that there are different ways to use autopilot and leave the phone, you don’t have to make a flight plan…you just have to know where you’re going 😊

Don’t you mean LNAV? It follows your flight plan.

You will need to select LNAV in the autopilot menu if you have a flight plan. I struggled with the same thing for a little while, so I think I understand your post.


I also did! I remember flying for around 3 hours once (adjusting the heading all the time) and I was like: how do people fly long-haul having to adjust the heading all the time?¿?

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