My auto pilot is not working help pls

Device: apple phone
Operating system:
My autopilot is not working I’m trying to get it to 35000 feet and it’s not working can I get some help pls

Hi, do you have a screen shot of your HUD view at the time of the problem? That would help determine the cause.

And/or can you state what your vertical speed setting was? VS is important in relation to other factors, but trying to command too high a VS often accounts for problems as you climb higher.

No I do not have a screenshot but do you want me to

But at least tell us what plane you’re flying, if it’s too heavy, it might not climb that high🤔

Can you describe in more detail what you mean by:

Does the autopilot engage but you’re not able to climb to that height?

And if you weren’t able to climb (even though AP was engaged), did you notice speed loss, swaying? Did your aircraft start falling? Maybe, do you remember your VS setting? Or any other detail that might help?

Can I message someone on discord to see if they can help

I’m using the 777f -300 plane how can I get it to a curtain height

For the upper altitudes you can’t be too heavy.

And the heavier you are the more you have to be careful of climb rate - VS.

If you fly too high while heavy or climb too fast to your final altitude, you’ll have problems.

777-300 is quite a powerful plane. You should be able to climb with +3000 feet per minute until like 25000ft then lower it. If the aircraft is fully loaded climb with like 2000 to 2500 feet per minute. That should be good

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