My Australian Adventures Thread (10 New Pics Per Day)

Qantas 737-800 Sydney - Hamilton


Can’t wait to move to Hamilton the city is lovely and the musical is amazing

I’m honestly thinking of moving from the UK in the coming years

I am in around Feb or March I’ll tell u how it is

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Thanks mate.

And lovely pics Btw have only flown into New Zealand twice in the whole since global went out

Nice shot especially with the fog

It feels like the rest of the world kinda forgets how beautiful Australia is. I’ve never been, but would really like to go someday. Cool pics!

I’ve only flown to New Zealand once in solo to try land in wellington!

Great shots we are so lucky in Australia! You should join QVG. we have regular events In AUS

Already joined! Just did my first flight today

Fantastic pictures! The scenery looks absolutely stunning and as a fan of wing shots I am very happy about these rather realistic perspectives. Thanks for sharing, very well done!

Hoping to get to Australia when it’s safe! Would have been there last summer if all went to plan.

These pictures make me want to be there even more!

I love those sea colours! You’ve made me want to fly there and I too enjoy the wing shots, it reminds me of past trips myself in airliners.