My attempt of a 21 hour flight

Hey everyone here are some photos of my amazing 21 hour flight from Mataveri International Airport (SCIP) to Mumbai International (VABB). These are some of the photos I had took during this epic and amazing journey so I hope you like them as much as I do.

Route: SCIP to VABB.
Flight Time: 21 hours 36 minutes.
Inital Altitude: 34,000ft.
Final Crusing Altitude: 40,000ft.
Aircraft: A350-900 Factory Carbon livery.
Expert Server.

Loading up the 250 passengers who will be accompaning me on this epic journey.

Very smooth departure on runway 28 at Mataveri International Airport.

ATC view of us climbing out to our Inital Crusing Altitude of 34,000ft.

Beautiful sunset as we approach to Antarctica.

Birds eye view of us flying over Antarctica in the early evening.

Another amazing sunset this time over Indian Ocean.

Photo of the moon climbing out to bright up the night.

The underbelly of this beautiful a350 Livery.

Safe touchdown on runway 27 at Mumbai Intl.

Parked at our Stand R02 disembarking from our 21 hour journey.


Nice job! What was the reason for these passengers to board? A charter?

Great Pics mate!;)

Not sure. They said that they want a direct flight to Mumbai lol


WOw, what a good looking flight! well done!

Awesome! Great pictures

i think i saw you near india while i was flying to votv

Were you a Fedex by any chance?

my callsign was emirates 522

Oh yes you were the 777. By the way was your landing good?

-96 fpm it was pretty good yes 😃

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And thank you @Mort for correcting the title for me. You might as well just claim whole thing lol.

Well done, great pictures. Do you have the waypoints? Thanks

Amazing, i guess A350-900 is the real Dreamliner😴😅

I think i do i might have to recreate it again.

May be you can fly this flight by E190