My ATC volume all the way but I do not hear it

Please someone can help me solved it
I have Samsung Galaxy S6 so I have android


For someone to be able to help you, you need to add more information.

What kind of device?
Android or iPhone?


Is your ringer on?

Can you hear any audio? Does it work if you use headphones?
Have you tried restarting device power and checking for device mute?

Hi there,

This has happened to me. What I usually do it is to restart the application and that usually solves it for me. If not you can try a restart of your device it should also fix it.

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this has happened to me multiple times

Try turning up your phones media

Or maybe restart or redownload the app

I try anything you just said but still doesnt work only the SFX work and the ATC doesnt

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Typically if you go off the app then when you go back on it you can’t hear ATC, that’s solved by restarting the app but if you say it doesn’t work then try reinstalling the app

Sorry for the late reply. Go into sound settings in the app and make sure ATC Volume is turned up all the way.

It happens for me if somebody calls me while I’m flying, or if I lose connection for a long time and come back in the game. There’s no way to solve this while still flying. You have to restart the app. :/

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so, do you quit the app then go into

Quit the app, and go back in. That’s what restart means. Lol

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I am having the same issue…

I can hear the engine noise, and that is set to lower than the ATC volume, and no ATC is being heard at all

Samsung Galaxy J5

I’m having the same issue since the last update. No ATC volume at all. Tried all of the above.

Samsung S4

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