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Good day! So I was opened for over 2 hours today and in this time only 1 person came by… I answered a few times to my thread so it would be shown at the top of the „recent posts“ page. Now I have to go but I would really appreciate if you could activate notifications for my thread because I put TONS of effort in it (in the featured airports informations)! I know that my effort doesn’t justify myself for „begging“ here for somebody to come by, but I already failed my written test once, and a crucial amount of fails we’re the real situation tasks. Also I am of course aware I can’t force anybody to come along and help me but please consider to do so after at least giving my thread a chance (as I mentioned especially the featured airports). I may be speaking for more IFATC attendants but there is just so little amount of people helping the ATC to train, which leads to many ATCs being open for hours and not receiving anybody’s help… Anyways this is changeable and I would highly appreciate if you could at least check my thread out ( note that I did it all myself and nothing is copy paste!) : Maximilian1805's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

then look into atc training

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You might need to find a timezone when the most people are active so you will have the best chance for people to come. Also be patient! I also had this problem but I figured out when the IFC was most active and I opened then

Good day! I actually did that… I watched the whole YT tutorial series and learned the ATC manual. But in my opinion I have a lack of practical training to visualize what I learned for myself if you know what I mean

And when is that? I am regularly open at all times in the day and it seems like no part of my day fits in the perfect timezone

Just contact an IFATC trainer. @MrMrMan is one person that comes to mind. You can ask him all the questions that should probably be asked regarding be eligible to start atc training.
IFATC training, has pilots. And you will go to an airport of the trainers desire and practice spacing, sequencing, go arounds, all that. In a 30 minute session.

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The problem I was told to contact an ATC recruiter and that’s what I did! But ATC Training isn’t given to non IFATC controllers and my problem is to visualize and apply everything

Yes it is. If you attempt the written test and score over 65% you may fill out a training request form.

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Really I wasn’t offered anything after scoring 72% and asking the recruiter how I could improve

As i already said. Contact a trainer there’s plenty of them. The one i tagged above was the first to come to my head. Contact them and they will answer your questions.

But also training or just question answering because I feel like that wouldn’t help too much

Dude, just contact the one i tagged. They do practical training. Not just written stuff.
Have a good day.

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No, do not contact Ethan directly. You said you passed with 65+ percent, so fill out an application from the topic below. A trainer will be in touch soon, and will arrange for pilots to fly for you at practice sessions (which is what I assume you’re looking for).

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No need to be pissed! I didn’t want to annoy you but it’s just a really bad situation… I wasted a whole afternoon

Yeah that’s exactly what I think would help me to improve… But in the end this doesn’t fix the issue in general… But still thank you!

Unfortunately, that issue may always persist. Tracking threads are great for beginners who want to practice basic pattern controlling, but they almost never yield large numbers of pilots similar to what you’ll find at your practical. If you’re at the point where you feel like more pilots is what you need to challenge yourself, official ATC training is often your only hope. :)

Good luck!


Thank you so much for staying friendly (not all answered in this way) and I appreciate your help! If it doesn’t bother you I would love to receive feedback from you on my thread (link is above) because I think you are an experienced member and even if the work I put into the thread was useless I still enjoyed creating it. Cheers!

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