My ATC journey and Infinite Flight

Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody! I haven’t made a topic in quite a while and I figured this was something worth sharing.

Last May I graduated from my university with a bachelor’s degree in air traffic management and a minor in homeland security. Later this week, after almost a year of waiting, I will be starting my online instruction course for the FAA air traffic control academy. Regardless of whether I succeed in my goal or not I wanted to thank the community and staff for everything you do for the community.
I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for probably ten years now which has contributed to building my love for aviation. I’ve been an IFATC controller for a few years now as well and, even though it is very different from the real thing, the crowded virtual airspace has actually helped me somewhat hone in my controlling skills; my professors were impressed by my skills in the ATC labs at school and I explained to them the practice and knowledge that Infinite Flight has given me with controlling.

Over the next few months I will be playing Infinite Flight considerably less as I devote most of my time to passing the academy despite its excruciatingly low success rate. Though I don’t really interact with many users often, this community has become a second family to me and I cannot make it clear enough how much it means to me.

Blue skies and tailwinds ✈️


Massive congratulations! I wish you the best of luck in the academy!


@Joseph_Spinner which college if I may ask?
I’m starting ATC classes at AIMS collage in Colorado, this fall!

I went to Embry Riddle

Ooh 😲
That’s awesome

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Good luck and congratulations! Awesome to see community members find success in the aviation industry.

What’d be your top pick at a facility you would want to control at?

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So I’m actually going the N90 track. I’m from NY so it would be great to live near home, however it’s going to be rough because of the super low pass and retention rate and understaffing at New York approach 😬 but I’ve worked my whole life for this so I’m determined


Congrats! You’ll have to keep me updated on how that goes, I’ve always been fascinated with how the FAA Academy does their ATC Training (almost went the ATC career path myself)

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I’ll definitely share some information as I progress!

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