My ATC experience

Well here I am after a 35 min ATC (Ground+tower) control session . It wasn’t the best but neither was it that bad .
Please note I am not a expert ATC or neither part of IFATC but atleast try to be as much relastic as possible and give in my best.
Well this one was my busiest one till now and I was pretty happy about majority of the aircrafts following the rules .

Well let’s begin with the bad part

Few aircrafts well as you know its TS1 will not give in …they never stop spamming . They either do it for fun or due to some other unknown reasons. Here is one such person whose callsign was: Cathay 6 . The more professional I was trying to be the more irritating and disturbing he was and he started spamming me with “request takeoff messages” . Well if anyone could let me know who he was it would be great. I would like to have a word with him .

The best part of my session

Majority of them were very being very cooperative and following instructions and it was a smooth one for them . Some of them even waiting patiently for a few min before I could give them pushback and taxi clearances . I was very delighted and happy to see this that not all pilots are like the above one I mentioned.

Moreover there were times where I messed up also( eg: departure runways, taxi requests) I messed up real bad their , and I am extremely sorry for that because around that same time some Pilots were spamming me with messages.

I would just request the fewer of those pilots (maybe new or not familiar with ATC services) (maybe 0.1%) to come up to the community learn the way ATC works and then come in and fly happily and enjoy the ATC service. I understand majority of the pilots come in for training cause it’s TS1 of course , but pilots who have a good past experience of using ATC , please try to follow the ATC instructions as they give those instructions for your own safety, make it as smooth as possible and moreover that you enjoy the Flight.

Server: Training Server TS1
Location: JFK Airport
Duration: 30-40min


It’s a common problem, especially at big airports like Heathrow and JFK. I would recommend joining ATCEG (Link below) if you can and definitely getting an ATC tracking thread. If you advertise on your tracking time you can often get a few people and they are usually all knowledgeable.


I know about ATCEG and already a part of it since long… anyways thanks for showing me it …ik that was my biggest mistake controlling in large Airports but that still doesn’t reduce the chance of pilots coming in and not spamming.

It’s always been my opinion that there isn’t really any way for people to easily find out the procedures but that doesn’t seem to be being fixed any time soon

We constantly tell people to check the tutorials on the forum. A link to those tutorials is found in the app.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make this better?


The current tutorial format is quite confusing for a casual user, and very long. It was quite a while ago but I know when I first found the tutorial tab and went on it I just thought hell no and decided to try and teach myself. Some kind of shorter intro might work better, or an interactive tutorial which taught users in the sim. The button also isn’t very prominent. When I first play apps I usually ignore that area, as at first glance it looks like social media. The hint bar on the loading screen is a step in the right direction though.

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I just suddenly got an idea you know since this is the home screen once we open if then click fly online and if the user has got more vios than landings then he shall always be showed the ATC tutorials icon tab .

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I believe they should make a video rather than just going through paras as they make it more interactive.

All of the tutorials are videos…

I feel like there should be a realistic delay for pilots and ATC so this issue can be stopped :)

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