My atc doesn't work

I was busy so i need to land fast

Ooooo check your grade level. If you had too many violations then you will not be able to land because you’ll have been demoted to level one.

*Won’t be able to contact atc

I am grade 2 and i have less violations than landings

Did you go into the pause menu and press on your name?

I i see stats

Ok then… huh

Land, then restart, and then check in here again. I’m 90% sure it will fix the problem


As suggested in your last topic about this;

  • You must provide more details to get proper assistance.

All I’m seeing in this topic right now, is random suggestions with little or no relevance to the actual issue.

Details, details, details. Please :)


I can i can’t speak english pretty well

Tip: write full details of your problem in your local language, and use Google Translate to bring it to English. I may contain a few errors, but it may be enough for us to help you.


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