My atc doesn't work

No one doesn’t response tomy atc reguests

Which airport are you at and which server?

Could you please provide us some more information

So that we can help you better

Usually you just have to restart the app

The frequency is maybe busy?

Had it today also with FRA

It hapends to klax

Server, please?

What server

It is most likely a connection issue on your end.
Steps to be taken:

  • Turn wifi/cellular off and then on (wifi is recommended for controlling)
  • Restart wifi router
  • Restart Infinite Flight

@mika frequency being busy will not effect if the aircraft will receive your messages

Yes, it does. I had to wait 4-5 minutes today when I wanted to land at Frankfurt, but let’s get back to his problem, mine has been solved :)

Look like you are on Training Server and have you seen ATC respond to other aircraft?

I reguest socal approach to freguensy chance and no one respons to me and when i ask tower to chance to ground no one respons. It happends at training server

Are you on Data or WiFi?

Happened to me on expert after a long flight. Just restart your device and then everything will be back to normal

If you were on a long flight, then how you gonna get back in the air?

I a and i can’t stop landing

I am sorry, can you explain little more without non-understanding sentence.

Oh ok, well after landing restart your phone/infinite flight and you’ll have atc again

On Training sever, you won’t get ghost, and go land without permission. and try restart.

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