My Artwork

(So my last post got Hidden because I put it in RealWorld Aviation and then it became in the General section)

So from the feed back on the last post I can say I just drew a sketch or LOWW-Veina International, Not the best not the clearest but it’s nice.


This goes in #real-world-aviation :)

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Yes I just knew that. Someone pm me about it. I now have deleted my post. That was my bad

No no no, not #real-world-aviation:spotting, It’s #real-world-aviation.

I like the way (I don’t) all the comments are to do where this topic belongs, the reality of the IFC now, nobody really cares too much about the post, but wants to be a mini-moderator.

Anyway, liking the Airport Diagram @DanyyRude , now try and give all the taxiways an identifier XD

I have done quite a lot of these, sat in an exam room waiting for the next exam 😬

Quite a nice way to pass time, well for an avgeek.

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Coming from an aviation artist (me), I think is pretty good! Keep it up!

I like the “Cartoonish” feel it has.


Welldone. That’s very detailed

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Also, @DanyyRude, if you like drawing aircraft, make sure to post it in the drawing topic below ;)

As I said, I really like it because it has a “cartoonish” feel to it. Keep it up! I’m looking forward to more!

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I actually used to do the same as you did thing and draw out airport diagrams It’s really good keep it up!

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This actually annoys me


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