My 'Around the World' trip on the Live servers! @ YPDN - 18ZNOV18

Hello IFC!

Yesterday, I got live, and the first route I did was NZAA - YSSY, which, was Leg number 1 of my around the world trip! 25 Legs, 17 countries. And all within a month! I have the help of both @Darpan & @SkysTheLimit87 to help out with the big task. I’ll keep updating this thread every time before I fly, so if you wanna fly, you can join us!
This thread was approved by @Damian, please also note this is not an Offical event, I was asked to put it in here

Document for routes, aircraft & airline.

We have tried to be as realistic as possible. So mistakes may occur.

Route Just Completed - YMML - YPDN
Route that is being completed - Leg 4 - YPDN - WSSS B7810 Singapore
Next Route - Leg # - ICAO - ICAO Aircraft
I will be updating this thread, along with a post about the route we are doing!
All Flights are on the Training Server

Thanks for being here while I fly around the world!
(Note, that when I next get live, I’ll be doing this again, but with airports that I haven’t done before.)


Glad to be flying with you! Gonna have a lotta fun with this!

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Looks fun!

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In 10 minutes, dispite it being late for most of you, or way to early. I’m flying YMML - YPDN (Melbourne - Darwin) Its about a 4 hour flight, please ensure that you are flying an aircraft that is suitable for you.
I’ll be situated at Gate D10, copy FPL from Qantas 838.

I will be flying the Darwin-Singapore route right now

Training server
Callsign: N517BM
SIA 787-10
Gate 07

Come join me!

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Just landed in Singapore, great univentful flight in the 787-10

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We really gotta work on this lol

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There’s something in the works