My app won't even open

I just purchased the app and it hasn’t opened for me at all yet. I’ve reinstalled app 4 times now restarted my phone countless times. iPhone 6plus running latest of iOS9. Please help!

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Sorry didn’t read closely. Only saw the part about app not opening.

Man I’m off it today.

This should have been opened in the “Support” category for best visibility to receive help.

If you have the device set to a different language such as Thai or Arabic, that is a bug that is in the process of being fixed. An update will come soon for that. Temporarily changing the device language to English will work around this issue.

Or…if the language is already set to English try the next option.
iOS 9 had some things related to this crash. I have heard from several people who performed the iOS9.0.1 update, resolves the problem. ***Edited because I typo’d the wrong iOS version previously.

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The app was downloaded when my phone was running 9.1 still won’t open and I’ve been restarting my phone and I even reset it.

Sorry I though I saw iOS9 in the description.

Correction I meant iOS 9.0.1 not 9.1

Are there any utility apps on in the background? I assume it’s already set to English?

If you can please try to locate the crash log. Copy it then paste into your reply. You’ll need to connect the device to your computer and sync it. Best right after a recent crash
Here is a link with instructions how to find the log.

How to find the Pocket app crash logs on iOS - Pocket Support

What iOS version are you running? iOS 9.1 is not out yet as far as I know. iOS 9.0.1 is the latest version available.

I meant iOS 9.0.1 haha sorry

Please refer to the link mentioned by @DIsraelFDS to find the crash log and send it to us. There has to be something specific about your device since as far as I know there hasn’t been report of crashes on iOS other than when the device language is not in English (we have a fix for that, it is in review).

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thanks for the help, I sent an e-mail with the crash log attached

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