My app won’t update

I checked the App Store and it said that they added the new planes and features , but when I started IF I scrolled down to “McDonnell Douglas” and they weren’t there. I’m an iOS user

Do you have an active Pro subscription? The MD11/DC10
is only available to Infinite Flight Pro subscribers at this time.


Did you have the button to initiate the update appear? If it did not do an app reinstall, if you did tap update then please ensure you have an active pro Subscription like Tyler said above ;).

I’ve had a pro subscription since global came out

Yes, I have an active pro subscription, I did have the app running at the time it released, idk if that had to do anything with it

Quite possibly. You have to actually close and download the update. It’s not automatic. Delete the app and reinstall it fresh from your App Store. 🙂

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I did that and it worked, thank you so much , but I have to redownload all my planes again 🤦🏻‍♂️, that’s fine tho


Enjoy it. 🙂