My app keeps crashing!

My infinite flight keeps crashing… I was 2000 feet and the whole game shut down! I’m beyond furious because I paid money like everyone else and it just keeps crashing!

Please tell me what to do because this is ridiculous!

What device are you flying on and what is your graphics settings like?

iPhone 8 I think my settings are on normal

Could you send me a screenshot of your graphics? maybe that’s the problem.

How do you have your aircraft count?

What do you mean…

Also, low internal storage can cause your device to crash. As well as overheating of the device.

How much storage is remaining on your device.

When flying or on final, is your device feeling hot at all?

That’s what I was going for too! … as if the device overheats normally what it does is protect itself and close all applications both in the background and the main one.

Not it’s not hot. It says my iCloud storage is full could that be the cause?

Try to fly with the resolution in the middle, it might help.

It does not normally overheat much… it was rather warm before it crashed… I did another flight from Mexico City to Ottawa and it also crashed at the exact same point in the flight.

Just to be sure, could you go to the settings app, click general then iPhone Storage? What does it say?

That makes sense because it says it has 5GB of 5 GB used…

I don’t think so, since that storage is from the iCloud cloud, not from the device.

Go to settings → general → iPhone Storage. How much is remaining?

As I suspected, you are running very low on storage. You want to have some extra storage like 5-6gb remaining.

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and the Infinite Flight already weighs almost 12GB, as well I recommend you uninstall it, and reinstall it, since it has a lot of Cache and accumulated data, that would affect the 2GB of RAM that that device has, how much when the 2, what it does is close all applications

Ok! Thanks looks like I will need to delete some photos. Thanks for your help. Means a lot.