My app keeps crashing

My app keeps crashing when ever I’m in a airport with a lot of players nearby sometimes it will run for 50 mins then crash but sometimes it just happens in less then 5 mins plz help I just bought a new subscription to play and I can’t.

This is a known issue and will hopefully be improved in the future. For now you can turn down your graphic and airplane count settings to improve performance.

Also welcome to the community! If you need any help I’m sure many people will be glad to help you, or you can shoot me a PM! Here’s some great reads to get familiar with the community @Ricardo_Rodriguez!

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They’re all low it keeps crashing.

If its crashing even on low settings I would just stay away from the busy airports - who knows - you may discover somewhere cool you’ve never been before.

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Also make sure to keep your plane count to low. I wouldn’t recommend off, because you would end up going into other planes and get ghosted.

And as @BennyBoy_Alpha suggested, try avoiding busy airports, and try something new :)

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It will only work for 50 mins give it take u can’t go many places like that.

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