My app keep crashing over and over again when I open the app

So today on my iPhone came a navigation uppdate and after the update my app just keep crashing over and over. I’ve tried restart my iPhone but it did not work. Just keep crashing. I have an iPhone XR just an week old and i have not sen any problems before it happend. So please anyone help me. Please

/sorry for the bad spelling my autocorrect is annoying

Do you have a subscription running? If so, what is your current callsign and display name? It could help us identify the issue :)

1 yes i have
2 my name is SWV-DF (what i belive)
3 Callaign Speedbird (british airways) 081
Or KLM 081

Hi @Tripreport,

When exactly does the app crash?
Do you see the main menu or does it crash right after launching the app?

It crashes when i press the app at the homepage. It says infinite flight at the launch just like normal and then just crashes without seeing the mainmenu

@Tripreport I can see your crash on my side, it looks like the app crashes right away.

The airport update file got corrupted when it got saved on your phone.

The only solution I have for you right now is to uninstall the app and re-download it from the app store.
You will lose all your replay files though.

Sorry about that :(


Do i lose my account that im logged in and my subscribtion for 1 month?

No, as soon as you launch the app and sign-in, the app will find the subscription.

Well it worked thank you!

Glad I could help, enjoy!

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