My app is Crashing

My app keeps crashing when i´m at final at an airport.
My Airplane count is on low/medium even that is not enough for the app not to crash.

Hope you guys can help me


  • Do you have anti aliasing on?
  • Is there sufficient storage remaining on your device?

Reading through support topics since 21.5 released, these factors have seemed to be causing crashes somewhat frequently

A few things that would help investigate the issue:

What is the exact make and model or your device?
What OS version are you currently using?
Are you able to reproduce the crash consistently? if yes, please provide steps to reproduce (as accurately as possible)

Device: iPad air 2
Model/software: IpadOS 14.8

I was flying from EDDF- Frankfurt to LTFM-Istanbul(north airport)
I start my flight airbus a330-300.

Following the taxiway all the way to runway 18. In EDDF

Landing in on runway 35R in LTFM

Flying an altitude by 37.000ft.
Speed 245knts.
When I reached the final of the flight plan starts decent, flaps full, landing gear down, spoilers armed.
I start the landing and then the app suddenly crashing, by going to home screen.

I am not completely certain but the game may crash because of other aircraft nearby, when you are nearing them at the airport. That happens to me sometimes when a lot of planes are at an airport.

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