My app has never quit unexpectedly until today.. both times I was around the KLAX area

I have an iPad Pro with the latest software and the latest app update. I have been playing a lot online for over a year, doing long hauls 16+ hours sometimes. It has never crashed and I really have never experienced any issues with the app. Today I was in a A220 taxing at KLAX and my iPad crashed unexpectedly. I quit the app, did a hard refresh on my ipad and restarted the app/same circumstances and did not have an issue after. Later on in the evening I was starting my flight in a 77W at KLAX, it was busy on the server, I took off and was at about 11K feet and the app unexpectedly crashed again. I am not sure what the issues is as this is the first time that this has really happened. I also flew to KPHX, KLAS & KSFO and did not have an issue. Just thought I would let y’all know!


Hi, as you are having issues around the same location, I would recommend clearing the scenery cache. You can do this through the in-app settings. All you have to do is open up the settings page and scroll towards the bottom and click “clear cache”.

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you can follow this instruction below if you are having this issue

Oh yes, I forgot to mention I did that too. It looks like somebody else posted a a topic that relates to performance in the game so I’ll check that out.

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iOS 15.4.1 strikes again…

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I usually receive crashes on final(especially long hauls)

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The app can crash after a long haul flight if the graphics settings or too demanding or if it overheats. Try out different graphics settings and find which works best for your device. Typically the older the device the lower the settings need to be, but it can vary based on OS, manufacturer and model.

You can also try the in-app “enable automatic low power mode” which eases the strain on the device for long haul flights.

My app has also been crashing not even pushed back and I had everything set up. Sim was reinstalled. Had to uninstall due to space but re installed. I was trying to do London to New York. All my graphic settings were set to medium. Then not even 30 minutes in or even pushedback the sim crashes twice. Has done the same thing about a week ago as well. Only it crashed twice after hitting Cruising.

What device are you using and what OS are you on?

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Samsung s8 with android 9

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Do you have this issue at 2D airports? As Heathrow is a fairly dense 3D airport that typically has a lot of users it could be down to the device running out of memory rendering all the assets.

Not yet i haven’t been able to make it out of LHR in order to test it.

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You could try starting a flight at a 2D airport to test or try starting a flight at Heathrow and turn down the “3D object density” on the graphics page in the in-app settings.

I have my graphics set to medium on everything and it still crashes

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I would recommend using the tips on the page linked below to try and find the settings which work best for your device.

It’s so funny that you say that I just did a route from Minneapolis to LA and it crashed on me like while I was landing this was yesterday or Monday!

Oh you know what I normally do it before every flight and calibrate and that probably was why it crashed on me.

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