My App Crashed Twice

Hey guys. I was doing a Southwest Virtual flight from KBWI-KBNA and Twice my app crashed. The first time one hour in and the second attempt it crashed on final of 20R. I am extremely irritated that I have wasted 4 hours to gain nothing. My device is a iPhone 7 and it has 10 gbs left and it is on the latest update. Please do provide a link to a topic. I just need support

Hey there! This is a pretty common issue. Mostly it is just your device. Make sure to reboot your phone before a flight and if that does not work try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

I actually did both before my second attempt. And I clearly my scenery before the flight. My device never overheated as well. That is why I am so confused why it crashed. My WiFi was great too.

Sounds like a funny question, but were any beta testers around you? I know that they had an issue like this a few updates ago where beta testers (with unknown/different aircraft) would crash certain people’s apps… If this is the issue, it is certainly something that would be brought up sooner then later

Doubt that this is the issue… But better to ask then wonder

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The was no beta testers around be but on approach into Nashville there was tons of traffic in Atlanta. The was Las Vegas (Larose Royce) there though. I was using the Southwest 737-700 aircraft if that will be any help

Do you have limit frame rate on?

This happened to my a few times. My app always crashed approaching SFO or before starting approach. (Tried doing the same flight and always happened the same thing). Had to reinstall the app to fix the issue.

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