My app crashed during first long haul in 20.1

I took off of IAH in the new 777-200 heading to LHR I was about 15 mins away from arrival when my app crashed. I understand this was a problem before the update and I thought it was fixed. Does anyone have any answers for me on this problem. Thank you!


This is because the servers are still overloaded. You will need to wait I’m afraid before things settle down. Covid + a new update has resulted in a huge launch with lots of traffic.

I would reduce your settings where possible.


I think it’s just because of how busy the servers are atm, Ive also crashed a few rimes but if have said there are issues and they are resolving them, should be back to normal soon

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I was starting to think that’s what I should do, it’s good hearing that from another person. Thanks for the tip!

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put your airplanes shown to Medium or Low