My app closed just as I was approaching the gate

Hey Support team, I have a question I was doing the flight AF179 MMMX-LFPG when I’m approaching to gate on LFPG The application closed unexpectedly and my hours and experience did not accumulate
¿There is nothing I can do?
iPhone 11
iOS 16.2

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What you described sounds like a game crash, you can find out how to prevent that below:

Usually, the XP, hours and landings up to that point will be saved. Do you mind rechecking?

A few things you can do to prevent crashing is:

  • Restart the app before each flight
  • Set your graphics to medium or low
  • Set airplane count to medium or low if at an airport with a lot of aircraft

Restart the app or the device?

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Either one.

I usually do both when a crash happens. I would also recommend clearing your cache as well.

Thx so much!
I will try everything you recommended.

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