My Apology @LEMD

Dear all,
I want to apologize to everyone flying to LEMD especially the one approaching runway 32L. My airport view suddenly blurred away on my final.

You might watched me landing horribly and then just stop and quit. I can’t see the runway neither the taxiway so I decided to stop at wherever I thought it was a hold short line and end my flight immediately. This already happened on my first approach and then I decided to make a go around, but happened again on my 2nd approach and I was on my minimum fuel so I decided to force my landing (which turned out to be a horrible one), and then just stop and quit.

Thanks for the approach controller who helped me twice on the approach process.

Sorry to tower and ground I really don’t want to look stupid taxiing to a place I can’t see.


Sounds rough, man. True ILS. :-).

Best flying to you.


Also looks like 32L is closed. Tough break!

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Approach lead me there so I have to follow though :)

Closed? We don’t have “closed” runways.🤔 Just because a runway number is red does not mean it’s closed.


Its not “closed” the winds are just unfavorable.

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Yeah the wind just changed few seconds before I start aligning to 32L so it was a double strike bad things happened to me there hahaha

Well obviously it’s not technically closed. However I would be initiating a go around and requesting an alternate runway.

Sorry for not being so pedantic as you guys haha

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But he had minimum fuel…

I can’t because I was on my minimum fuel. :)

There’s enough for a simple overshoot and 180 onto the favourable runway, but we are far from the point and extremely off topic.

I’ll stop trying to be nice in future and not comment on the runway being red.

Even if it was red, ATC set 32 as arrivals. He was there because he was following ATC instructions, like he should be. He did nothing wrong.

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Who said he did anything wrong?

I suggest you all stop trying to get one up on each other as always in this community. It’s what ruins it and make people want to leave.

Go and enjoy yesterday’s Turkey instead of poking holes out of me.