My apologize for the bad service at LFPG

I just Controlled LFPG some minutes ago… I want to say sorry for some delays/response for takeoffs, pushback clearance, taxi… I was overhelmed, some time that I dont control airports on schedule. Before that I was good doing it, but seems I need to habituate that again. I was controlling 2 frequencies.

Again sorry and really sorry… I dont know what happen my device but the fps now sometimes are good and bad, so a bit hard with buttons. and so many calls

I hope guys you can understand me.


Keep your chin up man! Everyone has faced difficult times and overestimated themselves before! Hopefully you can regain the experience you missed and you can start delivering quality service once you feel comfortable!


Oh ThiccDuc… thanks man


Don’t worry mate, it can happen !
We are thankful to IFATC for their hard work :p
Btw I love the meaning of your username haha x)


Thanks! now I need to habituate to control hubs again haha


It’s ok! Treat it as a learning experience; remember it’s what you do next that counts! 😁


wooo I remember having bad service at an airport. I remember everyone being extremely supportive. we have all had those days.


feels good to apologize after a bad service… is not easy with so much calls


It takes a lot of pride and courage for a controller to own up for their mistakes this openly. A lot of respect to you for that, and as for the service part; you learn through experience and a lot of mistakes, it is necessary for progress, its amazing to see someone owning up to their mistakes like that. All the best Caldita.

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For real LFPG is cursed for me at ATCing something always happens! Don’t worry man ur good. You’ll learn from your mistakes.

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No worries 😊. I get overwhelmed all the time even though i’m only in training server. it’s a lot of work!

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Yesterday morning I was doing ground and tower at Heathrow on training for about 2 hrs and OMG it was stressful at times


I’m willing to bet that every IFATC member, especially me, has been in your situation. I’m also willing to bet that the feeling of stress and frustration when controlling is PAINFUL!

But we learn from our mistakes by taking ownership and having the courage to make the next tough decision. It is also no secret that even real controllers will make a wrong decision every once in a while, which messes up the flow of traffic, sometimes severely.

What makes IFATC so fun and dynamic is that every control session is something new. You may be met with incompetent pilots, a disorganized traffic pattern, unfamiliar airports, etc. The ability to change how the airport operates is exciting and even gives you a sense of what happens every day at airports around the world!

Don’t be discouraged by your mistake. Instead, use it as a tool to know that you are constantly improving!

“If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moments.” - Admiral William H. McRaven


was at LAX once doing a flight and the person wouldn’t let me pushback but let everyone else. I finally just pushed after 30 minutes and then got reported for not following ATC instructions 🗿

I hope you appealed that lol…and won hopefully

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