My apologies

Hello everyone I want to apologize to whoever I cursed out the last day or 2 I am very sorry for my actions and I also wanted to apologize for The Mods hopefully whoever I cursed that we can still be friends and put this behind us again I am sorry for my behavior on here or if i offended anybody thank you


It’s all good. Thank you for apologizing. That takes guts.

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We need guts

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Don’t we all these days. Its no problem, we all have our slips.

except when people get triggered when you say hell in a good way, their like OH MY GOD HE SAID HELL THATS ILLEGAL IM GONNA GET THE MODS TO BAN YOU

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Exactly. Thanks for understanding


One important thing to do from time to time is to remind ourselves about some core values and ground rules we should act according to and strive for.

We got many members around here who’re only 13 years old. We should set a good example for them and for everyone. We should show new members who join this community that this is a civilized place that allows constructive debates to exist without name calling, personal attacks or disrespect. We should show them that this is an open and tolerant place and we should live up according to those values. And so far we managed to do this pretty well. That’s one of many things that makes this community so great.

Thank you for the apology, have a good week Brenton!


I’m very embarrassed and I have better morals than what i have did. Leadership, courage, integrity and respect.


Don’t worry about it. Forget it even happened.

  • “The Post Police”

If you don’t get it, it was me. Don’t worry, we can still be friends.


Accepted. I respect that you had the guts to come out in front of the whole community and apologize. Thank you for the apology, and lets just forget this ever happened.


Everyone makes mistakes at some point. And will learn from their past negative thoughts. I hope that the person you had complained to previously must’ve felt better after reading this. Thanks for leaving this message and not leaving the mess just like that. At some point we feel like apologising and just clean the useless junk away from our mind.

Chris has created a great topic to look at which relates to situations like these and might prevent other apologising notes to happen again. Please take a read, our moderators in this community care for us everyday, and thanks to them this forum will always stay afloat.

IFC Topic and Reply Guidelines 2019

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Why you say that

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