My amazing trip around Europe!

The pictures are from my trip around Europe I did today. I flew the Wizzair A320 from Sofia LBSF to various destinations around Europe.

The route I took was the following:
LBSF - EKCH - LBSF - LCLK - LBSF - LMML - LBSF. My total flight time was 11h 22min. I flew on the Training server. I had a really nice time flying.

Parked at Remote 24 in Sofia LBSF, preparing this beautiful bird for a whole day of flying.


Two and a half hours later, I had a smooth touchdown in Copenhagen EKCH.

Time to go back to Sofia.

After 4 hours and a successful turnaround, I had my smoothest touchdown for the day in Larnaca LCLK!

Performing flight controls check…

Landed in Sofia for the 2nd time today

Sunset! And a Vueling A320 parked next to me in Malta LMML. Smile!

Final landing for the day… In Sofia, again.

Just parked the plane for the night and a ground crew took a photo of my plane.

I have more pictures from the long flight session, these were the best ones. None of them have been edited at all.

I hope you liked my pictures! Any feedback is much awaited and appreciated!


Wizz Air is my favourite livery. 😉

I hope you enjoyed your flight and nice pictures!


Thank you! I did indeed really enjoy the flight session.

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Beautiful shots!

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Thanks! Your feedback is much appreciated!

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