My Alaska Planespotting Adventure @ PANC

Hello everybody! I’m back again from a long break and am here to share with you my trip to Alaska. I travelled last week to the Last Frontier and had the opportunity to do a decent amount of plane spotting at PANC. So, without further ado, here are my best pics from Ted Stevens Intl.

Started the session off with a treat with N318AS (Boeing 737-900) right as I got to the airport

After the beauty came the eyesore, N687PA (Saab 1000), operated by PenAir

Then, we got N525AS (Boeing 737-800) landing soon after

N644AS (Boeing 737-700) blasted out to Fairbanks not long after that

The last plane I saw at the airport was B-LJE (Boeing 747-8F), operated by Cathay Pacific Cargo

Afterwards, I went to the Alaska Air Museum by Lake Hood and saw lots of seaplanes, but ill share this picture of N740AS (Boeing 737-200C) that was sitting there. They allow people to walk in and its really cool to walk in this historic plane that carried cargo and people in the cabin

I have even more pictures fantastic pictures from the airport and plane on the ride home, but haven’t put them on my computer yet. I’ll post those here when I do get them off. I hope you enjoyed these photos and I do hope to be more active on the forum.

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Love the Disney 😁🥳😄👍🏽

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Thank you! It’s a really cute plane

I live by Disney that’s why I like it 😆😁

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Good old WhenAir… I mean pen… I mean Ravn, the Saab’s are suppose to turn into Ravn colors soon I’ve heard

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