My AirTravel Trip Videos

I may move this to RWA because it is about the real world.
Here is all the videos from my London trip and how I got back.

If you noticed I made the takeoff and landing in two different parts and not a full part and no music. Lots are happy.

I don’t know how many of you guy were tracking flights on the 16th of this month. But we didn’t have to go into a holding pattern.
Escaping the departure tax we get to Dublin via English countryside and ferry. We non rev on Delta. Heh.

The most obvious place that Delta would fly too. Take a guess.

No footage of the Delta 717 because non reving means if there are seats available we can get on. But the seats were all the way where the engines are.
Now at Houston and we almost stayed over. But a flight was running late so the people who had connections had to find another way. So that left the flight for mostly people that was going to LAX as there final destination or us non revs. Didn’t pay a penny and got on.

Beautiful night time departure. Also credit for my little brother for the Houston video.
The thing is that if you work of an airline and they give you travel benefits. Use it. If you do get to an airport with carry-ons and look at the flight board on where to go. Check if the flight has empty seats and get on. The London trip was on a short notice and we went. The Australian flight was full same as the new Auckland one. So London was the only thing. I always thank my mom for these opportunities because it is something very nice to do. All of my videos were recorded but my iPhone 4s.


My flight on the 16th was put into a holding pattern while approaching Baltimore. You’re lucky…

Was it busy that day or something. I’d never expect Baltimore to be that busy.

Due to a lot of thunderstorms in the area, we had a good 15-20 aircraft ahead of us on arrival and another 15-20 behind. Our flight was also delayed two hours prior to departure, so some of the other flights arriving were probably delayed as well.

Ok I see. Sorry for that to happen. Did you have any connecting flights from there or it was you final destination?

It was a nonstop flight. No connections

Ok then that’s good.

It’s pretty obvious where delta flies
ATL that where I live XD
I guess you had and interesting trip :)

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Yes it was at ATL. And it was I think the best trip I had.

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