My Airline Momento Collection

I just thought it would be interesting to share with you all several of the airline items I have collected over the years:
Firstly, an assortment of airline tags:

A Continental Airlines boarding pass:

A KLM lounge entry welcome brochure:

An Alitalia Welcome on Board card:

An Alitalia Bvlgari brochure:

Two Air France tote bags:

KLM sugar packet (I don’t know why I kept this but whatever)

KLM earplugs:

Delta sleep packets (old and new)

Playing cards (Delta and TWA)

image image

An American Airlines notebook

Earphones (Delta, American, and Air Canada)

KLM utensils

Delta 360 headphones

Delta 360 tote bag

Now for the amenity kits (I have others, but not doing repeats)

KLM (and one Northwest Airlines kit):

Air France:


Alitalia, Jet Airways, Virgin Atlantic, United, Emirates:

Hope you guys thought this was interesting!
Thanks for reading,


Wow you been traveling a lot 😱🤯


True, but over several years


I also have the Delta Amenity’s kit in the bottom right, I’ll see if it’s still in the luggage bag.


Wow cool collection!

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Hi! General Forum rule. Limit to 10 pictures to post. Thanks!


I found it, it was really deep In there lol

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Ok, let me ask a mod if I can keep them

EDIT: just messaged @DeerCrusher

Check out my collection:
Found it lying around at the airport, decided it would look good in my backyard.


Condor business and Thomas cook premium economy amenity kit :)

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The Delta stuff though 😋😍 awesome collection!

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Damn that’s extensive! You have flown a lot IRL!

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You really have this

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Yup, I carried it with one hand and plopped it down in my acres of backyard in the middle of suburban Maryland.


Nice you must be the strongest person on earth if you carried it all yourself


That’s the old Boscombe Down Canberra in the fire pits at Predannick in Cornwall if I’m not very much mistaken???

Another great aircraft left to rot. :(


sees northwest
cries in Minnesotan


I hear your cries

What happened to her? Was it an accident on the ground?

Nope, she was flown in at the end of her life as a flying test bed at Boscombe Down test pilot centre.

She was then used as a fire and egress trainer for the ground handling crews at RNAS Culdrose just up the way. There are a few other hulks there as well. A Harrier, a Jaguar, a Seaking and a couple more I believe.

I had the privilege of flying in one once with an old friend of mine. Amazing aircraft for one of the pioneer jet aircraft of it’s time. Served the UK very well over the years!

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