My airfield is not perfect

Hello guys, I create this port because I wanted to know how does the developpers make to choose which airport/airfield will be updated, because my local airfield where I fly every weeks is not made well on Infinite Flight.
I don’t ask to remodel it but it’s just an information, I know you guys working hard for things more important than that because I know it’s not the only airfield to have this problem.

If you want to you can join the Infinite Flight Airport Editing team and you are more then welcome to redo the airport if you want to.


Please remember that not all airports are currently up to date to infinite flight’s standards. This is why we have the infinite flight airport editing team who are hard at work at reworking every airport. By updating the layouts including adding taxiways etc…

It takes time and they hope to have every airport done some time in the future. If you would like to see this airport done (if it is not already currently being reworked) , then you can easily become an editor yourself by visiting their thread here.


I’d recommend talking with someone on the airport editing team they are always looking to update things. It would be helpful to know the ICOA also.

Thanks for the report. We will add this to our “substandard airports” list.


Just to let you know that airport editing don’t really take suggestions, kinda why we ask you to join the team and edit airports you want done.

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Neither is mine. Neither are many, many other people’s local airports but you don’t see me or other people making topics about the insignificant imperfections do you?

Mine wasn’t either. So I joined the editing team and started editing it. I’m currently waiting for a peer review and am hoping to submit it before the next Nav update


Is it hard to edit? Do you need any experience?

You don’t need any experience. You just need a computer or laptop. There are some pretty long tutorials created by the editing team which you can watch and learn from when you join.

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