My aircraft spun out of control just after engaging the reversers

Having watched the replay, there’s a few pointers.

  1. Too nose heavy for most of the descent and even on touch down.

  2. No flare - your front gear and left hand main gear touched down together which instantly made you unstable. You need to flare, landing on the left gear isn’t an issue if there’s winds, but gradually bringing it down then in a controlled manner.

There is such thing as TOO much rudder and if you have rudder/gear coupled it’s going to cause you big issues on the runway, it looked like you were using full rudder.

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So flare and calm down with rudder. Okay, thanks.

Not sure what the winds were like at RJTT but you’re looking to use the rudder to make corrections or counter for the wind as neccessary. You held down full rudder which caused instability and the plane to lean to the right.

Check out this tutorial - - it’ll be really helful for you in landing in crosswinds.

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Okay, thank you.

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