My aircraft spun out of control just after engaging the reversers

As the title said, touch down. Reversers. Spun of the runway for no reson. Why?

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We’re you braking with the rudder and accidentally moved it sideways

Can you share your replay?

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Not touching the rudder

I forgot how



My replay is blank ;/

It’s like this

Do you have a pro subscription? If you don’t then you can’t access them

Crosswinds? Speed at touchdown?

I just did a flight on pro, also that one that is normal is live.

That’s related to the current Android issue.

Check Marc’s response to a topic about the same issue:


If it helps I am on Androide and have no subscription

Wait, were you able to access your replay earlier?

Before the flight with no Android issues, yes.

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Ok, so its related to the Android issue because it says the there is no active subscription. Follow this topic as time passes, hopefully it will be fixed soon!

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So until Google decide to come out of it’s tantrum we must wait to find out why I spun of the runway and crashed.

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@AlphaSeven @TimShan05 one replay.

How did you land, by hand or did you have any part of the autopilot on? And what aircraft were you flying?

Do you have auto-coordination turned on under general settings? When turned on, your rudder and nose gear will follow the same direction as the ailerons if you tilt your device.