My aircraft is too big?

So I just pushed from the gate at NZWN, there was no ATC active before I pushed back anyway I ask ground for taxi clearance and in response to that, the atc says my aircraft is too big for this airport???

I genuinely don’t understand this because clearly the aircraft is suitable for this airport because I could spawn at a gate.

I don’t know what to do at this moment in time

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Probably just leave and come back in something smaller so you don’t get ghosted :)

I Shall do that then ;)

Also maybe because a B747 dosen’t go to NZWN in real life. So just follow shat ATC says if you want to stay in the expert server.

Actually it used to fly to NZWN but it was 747 SP

Even if it does, ATC sometimes make mistakes too :)

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I was the controller at the time. The reason why i asked you to change aircraft size is because the taxiways are too small for the 747-200 your wings would be halfway into the parallel taxiways. Keep in mind even though you can spawn into the gate, you must consider taxiways, and make sure there’s space for other aircraft to taxi next to you



Just imagine an A380 wing smashing into the cockpit of another aircraft 😂

I’m pretty sure a 747SP could make the turn after the back taxi at Queenstown but a -200 couldn’t since its over 45ft longer. Someone could check on solo but I know this is the case for the 787: the -8 can make it but the -9/-10 can’t :/

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